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The Broadcast Schedule for Tuesday, March 24, 2020

4th Tuesday

11:05 PM (Monday): Real Music, Real Talk: Michael Dunham

2 AM: Floored Radio: Xavior Varien

6 AM: Democracy Now! Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez

7 AM: Radio Base Camp: Steve di Costanzo

9 AM: Radio Nothing: Rod Richardson

11:55 AM: The WPKN White Rose Political Calendar

12 Noon: First Voices Radio: Tiokasin Ghosthorse

Join Host Tiokasin Ghosthorse for a special repeat edition of “First Voices Radio.” Filmmaker Anthony DellaFlora moderates captures a meeting of minds and the beginning of the ongoing dialogue in “The Language of Spirituality.” Participants in the dialogues, include Fred Alan Wolf (“What the Bleep Do We Know?”), Bohm colleague F. David Peat and Blackfoot scholar Leroy Little Bear.

Anthony DellaFlora is the Producer of “The Language of Spirituality,” a documentary film about the intersection of spirituality, modern science and language. Inspired by a series of dialogues between western physicists, Native scholars and elders and linguists, the documentary begins by exploring how language and worldview influence each other. More information about this timeless film can be found at www.thelanguageofspirituality.com.

“This is the first time in the post-colonial era where Indigenous ways of knowing and leading edge science meet on truly equal footing,” says Tiokasin.

1 PM: Lisa Sahulka

4 PM: Radio Something: Valerie Richardson

6:55 PM: WPKN Local News: for Connecticut and Long Island

7 PM: WPKN Evening Report: National and International News

7:30 PM: This Way Out: The International LGBT Radio Magazine

8 PM: Jim Motavalli

11 PM: WPKN Local News: for Connecticut and Long Island

11:05 PM: Radio Free Arcadia: Tom Poplawski

2 AM (Wednesday): Ghost In The Machine: Audiophile Anonymous

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