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The Broadcast Schedule for Saturday, March 21, 2020

3rd Saturday

10:05 PM (Friday): The Techno Takeover: Tyler Wenning (fill-in for Love and Communication: Michelle Morgan)

2 AM: Off-Beat!: Rich Kaminsky

6 AM: ReHumanize Yourself Radio: Herman Olivera (fill-in for The Carousel: Dave Z.)

9 AM: The Car Bob Show: Bob Costanzo, Doug Echols and the Car Bob Crew

11 AM: ¡Barricada!: John Lugo

1 PM: Soul On Ice: Doc Hardy (fill-in for Dancing Barefoot: Deb Guhl)

4 PM: Snap Crackle, POP!: Alec Cumming (fill-in for Shut Up & Listen: Mystery Girl)

7 PM: Esoterica Et Cetera: Jeff Day

10 PM: Soul On Ice: Doc Hardy (fill-in for Mikki’s Room)

2 AM (Sunday): The A List: Vinny

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