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The A List

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Sam Hopkins –

For as long as I can remember I’ve been listening to WPKN. It’s the only radio station I’ve ever really listened to. And now, to be a new programmer, it’s more than a dream come true.  The A-List, (Monday’s 2-6 AM) started with my good friend, and fellow WPKN programmer Vinny, (he hosts the Tuesday morning edition of the show) and I went to the WPKN studio’s after class one day. I’d been telling Vinny about this station. The first time there we met Peter. We just keep coming back. Then we met the great Terry Hopper, host of the “Quest,” who said that we could guest DJ with him the next time he was on the air. But two weeks later Terry was sick and Icon, the Closer was sitting in. We met Icon that day and played some reggae music that seemed to impress, and he invited us to join him during his overnight shift. Icon showed us the way of overnight radio. And that’s how we got our own shows— Truly a dream come true!

During my show we usually play a wide variety of music for the first 2 hours. Everything from Frank Zappa, to Frank Sinatra; Elton John, to John Cage; Robert Zimmerman, to Robert Nesta Marley; and pretty much everything in between. From the ordinary, to the avant-garde. You never quite know what your gonna get- and neither do we. When 4 AM strikes we enter the “Witching Hour” playing the weird, the funny; most times a free jazz, or avant-garde piece; followed by a ½-hour of comedy. At 5 AM Monday Morning Motown Madness kicks the week off RIGHT!

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