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Shake Some Action

with Kevin Brewer

GENRE: '50's R&B / '60's / '70's / '80's / Blues / Folk-rock / Garage / Pop / Psychedelic / R&B / Rock / Soul / Surf /

Kevin Brewer – Shake Some Action

I grew up hooked on the magic of radio. I was the proverbial kid listening to a transistor radio under my pillow at night when I should’ve been sleeping! One clear summer night I picked up a Cincinnati station broadcasting a ‘Reds’ [baseball] game. It seemed astonishing- as if it was coming from the Moon. I was convinced I’d stumbled onto something no one else knew about. I wanted to be THAT “guy on the radio.” Even at that young age I knew I didn’t want to be on television, if that were even possible! Radio was more appealing because it could supply ANY framework for the imagination, and wasn’t bound by the visual limitations of TV. But I didn’t make a career of radio. I listened, noticing, over time, some styles of radio that I liked faded away.

My show, “Shake Some Action with Kevin Brewer” most of the time is an ‘Oldies Show,’ but there’s a twist. Like nearly all formats of music radio, ‘Oldies Radio‘ tends to play the same material over and over. And the highly formatted “boxes” of satellite and traditional terrestrial radio often lack spontaneity and definitely the the eclecticism that we strive for on “Shake Some Action.”

The freedom to play virtually anything I want on “SSA” is a reflection of one of the things WPKN strives for, and provides to the community. That freedom in programming allows us to do shows in tribute/homage to various vintage radio styles from AM Top-40, to progressive rock of the early FM era. An occasional commercial jingle, period concert spot, anniversaries in the musical world, world events, holidays, the time of year, and the simple feeling in the air, are some important elements that go into preparing my show.

I like to say that I often play less familiar material from very familiar artists. While I do play the ‘hits,’ on occasion, and just as often, I’ll play the “B-Side” that never made it to an album; or a vintage live recording of limited release. Even the semi-forgotten ‘one-hit wonders‘ get their due, too. If I can put a smile on someone’s face, a smile caused by memories stirred by one of those half-forgotten songs then I’ve accomplished what we set out to do!

Photo: The Liberty Bell, a Corpus Christi, garage band.

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  • FAVORITE SONG: I’m surprised I can do this! Pick ONE? OK. Procol Harum’s “A Whiter Shade Of Pale.“ After 9,000 listens I still haven’t tired of it.
  • FAVORITE ARTIST: The one I’m playing/listening to.
  • FAVORITE THING ABOUT WPKN: Our involvement with our community, our eclecticism, and the freedom to program as we please.
  • FAVORITE EPISODE: December 8, 2016, “Shake Some Action,” with Kevin Brewer.

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