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Green Line

with Matt Cloutier

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Green Line is environmental news for folks who want to know what’s going on— and really understand it. Most outlets share updates on stories years in the making, glossing over the science or history. Green Line is all about that context. Each month, host, Matt Cloutier, takes environmental issues in the news, from climate change to EPA policies, and breaks them down. Sea-levels are rising due to greenhouse gas emissions, but how does that work? What causes that link? And does the government have an obligation to protect us from it? The answers are more complicated than you might think. Tune in and turn on from 9 to 9:30 AM on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

About the Host: Matt came to WPKN after loving his college station and wanting more. His background is in environmental science and policy. Got something you want to share? Think this Matt guy did an okay job?

Email: greenlineshow@gmail.com


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