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Frank Delgado

El Bailarín del Mambo

with Frank Delgado

GENRE: Descarga / Guaguanco / Guajira / Mambo / Salsa / Son / Son Montuno /

“El Bailarín del Mambo” plays indigenous mambo, son, guaguanco, plena, bomba, guajira and son montuno salsa. This music is indigenous to the Greater Antilles Islands. Mambo often called Salsa is primarily Cuban son, a fusion of Spanish Cancion combined with African infused percussion merged with North American music genres such as Jazz, Rock, R&B and Funk. Mambo is a Latin dance that has evolved from the original Danzon since the music of the same name became popular.

Frank Delgado“El Bailarín del Mambo”

Check out “El Bailarín del Mambo” playing the indigenous sounds on WPKN, and take a look at some of the mambo steps using the YouTube link above.

I’ve been collecting music in this genre for more than 50 years, and, I might add, I’m a mambo bailarín. So tune-in & dance with me the next time I’m on the air.

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