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Cheryl Magoveny

Cheryl Magoveny

with Cheryl Magoveny

GENRE: Blues / Classical / Country / Funk / Jazz / Singer Songwriter / Soul /

My Soul: From Me to You with Cheryl Magoveny is on 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month, from 11 PM – 2 AM.

You can expect to hear Soul, Singer Songwriter, Funk, Jazz, Country, Blues, Classical, and anything that sparks my interest when preparing a playlist.

Email: cherylm@wpkn.org

I am a native of New Haven but consider myself a Bostonian. New Yorkers, please, don’t hold it against me! I have always loved music and wanted to be in the music world, but life’s twists and turns led me down a different path. Now that path has led me to WPKN, where I am given an opportunity to share music, that touches my soul, with you.

Since music emanates from the souls of musicians, travels through the air, and enters the listener’s soul, I thank Thomas Edison, et al for contributing to the development of an instrument which ensures music is everlasting, and doesn’t float away into the universe (see: Library of Congress: History of the Cylinder Phonograph).

Upcoming Shows

  • 16-04-2020 AT 12:00 AM
    My Soul: From Me to You
  • 18-06-2020 AT 12:00 AM
    My Soul: From Me to You
  • 06-08-2020 AT 12:00 AM
    My Soul: From Me to You

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