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Vision/Mission Statement

WPKN Vision Statement (what we aspire to be)

The vision of WPKN is to build community, a loyal and growing audience, and an engaged and educated citizenry by providing the highest quality of free-form programming that broadcasts entertainment, music, news, thoughts, sounds, ideas and event listings that support free speech, diversity, and the interests of the local and global communities WPKN serves.

The ongoing ripple-effect of sustaining WPKN is to expand a dedicated listener base who embrace and support WPKN because they feel their lives are enriched and improved, their communities strengthened, and the world is a better place.

WPKN Mission Statement (how we achieve our vision)

WPKN’s mission is to strengthen and enrich our community by broadcasting programming that is provocative, innovative, human-driven and free from commercial influence and promotes diversity, tolerance and freedom of expression.