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Help with Frequently Asked Questions

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With a web browser (on a computer, tablet, or smart device):

With an APP (on a tablet, or smart phone):

With an “M3U Player,” e.g.: Apple iTunes® (on any suitable device, or platform):

  1. Click one of the following files to download it:
  2. “Open” the downloaded file and it should open & play in Apple iTunes® (or your M3U player of choice).

PLAYLISTS (includes requests for song titles, artists, albums, etc.)

Shows heard on WPKN are the creation of a (host) programmer. The music played reflects the taste, thought, and planing, or impromptu mood, of the presenter: crafted from WPKN’s extensive record and CD library, and the host’s personal music collection, and covers a variety of genres. It is never a pre-programmed, algorithmic selected assortment. The (host) programmer may announce what’s played either before, or after a “set,” and some post a playlist in real time on ‘Tweeter;” while others might post a show’s playlist in one of the following locations:

Finally, while not perfect, there are a number of “Song Recognition Applications” (APPs) available for use on a smart device which can be used while listening, or re-listening to a show from the Archives. This is a good thing to have if you like being able to identify the music you’re listening to. (Search the internet for ‘Song Recognition Apps’ to find one you like.)

If you prefer: depending on availability (see: Host’s Profile found from the ‘Hosts Page‘), you can send an e-Mail message directly to the programmer, or send a written request to:

Attn: [HOST NAME, and/or SHOW TITLE]
244 University Ave
Bridgeport CT  06604-7775


WPKN’s talk-oriented programs, Public Affairs, cultural shows, and interviews are now available as podcasts. Search “WPKN Community Radio” with a Podcast APP. Additional information available at: PODCASTS.


How to record & send your personal ‘My Tribute’ message about what and/or why you like WPKN (please keep your message between 1-2 minutes), then send it to “mytribute@wpkn.org” for broadcast on the air.


  • Open the Voice Memos app
  • Tap the [RED] button to begin
  • Record your message
  • End, and listen to your recording
  • Save the file with you name
  • Tap the send button, select email, and send to “mytribute@wpkn.org


  • Click here for instructions


The Archives is a (off-site) source for (re-)listening to WPKN Shows not available as PODCASTS. It is searchable by: Host, Show, and Date & Time.
Note: Shows are available for 2-weeks from date of broadcast.


Under construction…

Use the following form to report additions, updates, and corrections. Please, DO NOT send requests for “playlists.” The Web Administrator DOES NOT have ANY playlists. Please see “Playlists,” above, for information, and help with playlist questions. ALL requests for playlists, song titles, artists, albums, etc. are referred back to this page. Thank you for your consideration, and cooperation.

Contact the Web Admin


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