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WPKN White Rose Political Calendar – October 24, 2016

Welcome to this week’s edition of the White Rose Political Calendar. The calendar takes its name from the White Rose, a resistance group in Nazi Germany that worked to educate and organize opposition to the horrifying agenda of the Third Reich. In the spirit of the White Rose, WPKN offers its weekly Political Calendar in order to give voice to the struggles for political, social, economic and environmental justice. Here are some of the listings for the week of October 24, 2016.

While many voters might be feeling frustrated with the current election season, WPKN’s public affairs staff is providing alternative coverage to provide a serious look at the November 8 election and some of the challenges facing the world. You can listen between 9 and 11 a.m. on Saturday, October 29, and also follow election results on Tuesday, November 8, between 8 and 11 p.m. An election wrap-up show takes place at 10 a.m. on Saturday, November 12.

Moveon.org is organizing volunteers to reach out to voters in swing states through phone calls or text messages. Although many WPKN listeners live in solidly blue states, their help is still needed to contact other citizens across the country. More information about a range of volunteer efforts is at act.moveon.org/survey/volunteer-defeat-trump/

The group United for Peace and Justice is looking past the November election with the goal of presenting a call for peace to be delivered to whomever is elected president. They have created a pledge that encourages participants to “… protest, vigil, lobby, sit-in, and take creative action to dismantle the war machine and build a culture of peace with racial, economic and social justice…” To sign the pledge or find out more information, go to peacepledge.unitedforpeace.org.

Another pledge, by New Haven’s Healthy City/Healthy Climate initiative, is encouraging individuals to make small changes to their lives that will conserve energy and increase a healthy lifestyle. Citizens of New Haven…or any locality…can visit healthyclimatechallenge.org to take a personal pledge to cut down on automobile use, choose renewable energy sources, eat less meet, recycle household materials, and become involved in environmental organizations. Small changes taken by many people can improve the overall health of our planet.

Amnesty International will hold its northeast regional conference in Boston on November 11 and 12. There will be workshops, panel discussions, and a candlelight vigil in honor of universal human rights. Celebrating Boston’s historical contribution to independence, activists in the Northeast are working to advance human rights both domestically and internationally. More details are at tinyurl.com/ainortheastconference

As part of the Yale Biodiversity Citizen Scientist Initiative, the Yale Peabody Museum is holding a noontime walk on Wednesday, November 3; Participants will gain bird and plant biodiversity skills and develop a better understanding of urban ecology in ordinary spaces while assisting scientists in gathering large, continuous data sets. Data collected by citizen scientists will be compared with climate and weather data to understand trends pertaining to migratory bird patterns and plant phenology. One can register by e-mailing sustainability@yale.edu or by going to sustainability.yale.edu/research-education/citizen-science.

The group Moral Monday Connecticut allies itself with the goals of North Carolina’s Moral Monday movement. In that state, funding has been cut to many programs for the poor and disadvantaged, and there is an on-going campaign to suppress voter rights. Several years ago, protesters in North Carolina began gathering on Mondays for nonviolent actions in a show of strength and solidarity. The website for Moral Monday Connecticut is at moralmondayct.wordpress.com, or ongoing blog postings can be seen by searching for “Moral Monday CT” on Facebook.

Connecticut’s utility companies are continuing their aggressive tree removal in neighborhoods throughout the state. Their goal is to fell the entire tree if any part of that tree’s structure is within eight feet of a power line. Homeowners have rights to protect trees on their own property or within their neighborhoods. The Garden Club of New Haven has been taking action to protect trees in the state, and their informative website at tinyurl.com/saveatree2016 includes a list of tree wardens throughout the state as well as actions a homeowner can take if they are approached by a utility.

Most of WPKN’s public affairs, community programs, and cultural programs are now available by podcast. WPKN has a talented pool of programmers who are deeply curious about the world around them. Their interviews are lively, timely, and a perfect companion for your morning run or afternoon car trip. You can find out more information by going to wpkn.org and clicking on the podcast link.

To list your group’s local, regional or national events, send announcements, one week in advance when possible, to the White Rose Political Calendar, at valrichardson@wpkn.org. This week’s calendar was produced by Valerie and Rod Richardson.

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