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WPKN White Rose Political Calendar – November 24, 2014

Welcome to this week’s edition of the White Rose Political Calendar. The calendar takes its name from the White Rose, a resistance group in Nazi Germany that worked to educate and organize opposition to the horrifying agenda of the Third Reich. In the spirit of the White Rose, WPKN offers its weekly Political Calendar in order to give voice to the struggles for political, social, economic and environmental justice. Here are some of the listings for the week of November 24, 2014.

The group United for Peace and Justice is calling for people to stand in solidarity with the citizens of Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting there of an unarmed teenager by a police officer on August 9. Actions are being planned in Ferguson and other areas around the country in the attempt to prevent similar incidents from happening elsewhere. Updates are available at fergusonaction.com

Transportation systems in the state of Connecticut often do not meet the needs of workers who need to go to areas that are not served by mass transit or who work shifts during times when buses or other transport are not running. A conference on Wednesday, December 3, titled “Getting to Work: Transportation and Jobs Access for the 21st Century,” will address how these issues might be solved in the future. More information about the “Getting to Work” forum, which will be held in Hartford in the Legislative Office Building, can be obtained by calling 860-693-0368 or going to tinyurl.com/worktransportation.

An interfaith conference on illegal drones will take place at the Princeton Theological Seminary on January 23 through 25, 2015. U.S. drone strikes continue in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq and Syria. On this weekend, people of faith from across the nation, many representing denominations, faith groups and religious organizations, will go to Princeton to address the issue of drone warfare. More information is at tinyurl.com/dronewarfare.

The Connecticut Fund for the Environment is calling for full containment and clean-up of the English Station power plant on the Mill River in New Haven. Although it was closed eleven years ago in 2003, the site still has not been cleaned, and a ruptured oil tank inside the facility recently leaked oil into the nearby waterway. The Fund encourages concerned citizens to contact the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection by e-mailing dennis.schain@ct.gov.

Schools and other institutions throughout the country continue to remove their endowment and pension investments from oil companies and other carbon-based industries. Realizing the profound effect that burning fossil fuels has on raising the earth’s temperature, these institutions have made a moral choice not to fund these companies. While some large universities have made the decision to go fossil-free, others, including Yale University, are continuing to support these industries through their investments. More information can be found at gofossilfree.org.

Calling for a state that puts people before profits, the Connecticut Communist Party will celebrate individuals who work for good labor practices, social justice, and a sound economy with its annual People’s World Amistad Awards on Sunday, December 7, taking place at the Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School in New Haven. Additional details can be found at ctpeoplebeforeprofits.blogspot.com.

The group United for Peace and Justice is mobilizing United States citizens to protest current actions and escalation of war against the Islamic State. Arguing that military action in the Middle East does not solve the core issues and will only worsen relations with countries in this region, UFPJ urges individuals to write their congress people to articulate these concerns. More information can be had by clicking on “No Bombing, No War” at unitedforpeace.org

In the wake of the midterm elections, the NAACP of North Carolina is continuing its actions to insist that the state’s government fully fund education and social welfare programs. The state’s electoral system has been under scrutiny as many citizens were disenfranchised in the recent election. In addition to continuing to hold its weekly “Moral Mondays” throughout the state, the NAACP will be encouraging people around the United States to take action through its second “Moral People’s Assembly” on February 14. More information is at naacpnc.org.

To list your group’s local, regional or national events, send announcements, one week in advance when possible, to the White Rose Political Calendar, at valrichardson@wpkn.org. This week’s calendar was produced by Valerie and Rod Richardson.

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