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The Broadcast Schedule for Monday, September 21, 2015

3rd Monday

12 AM: Paralelo Zero-Radio Brazil: K C Vaz

2 AM: The A List: Sam Hopkins

6 AM: Alternative Radio: David Barsamian

7 AM: Mark Mushin

9 AM: Johnny Be Good: John Corvino

12 Noon: Arts on Air – The Arts Council of Greater New Haven: Matthew Reiniger

1 PM: The Jazz Sound: Rick Petrone

4 PM: Del ‘In Transition’ (fill-in for Kevin Gallagher)

6:55 PM: WPKN Local News

7 PM: WPKN Evening News

7:30 PM: CounterSpin: weekly news magazine from Fairness And Accuracy In Reporting

8 PM: Counterpoint: Scott Harris

Featured Guests:

  1. Chip Berlet, a former analyst with Political Research Associates, who has written about racism and intolerance for over 4 decades. Co-author with Matthew N. Lyons of the book, “Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort,” Berlet will discuss the 2016 election campaign and many of the points raised in his recent article, “Corporate Press Fails to Trump Bigotry”, and the links between xenophobic, racist political rhetoric and the real world violence it has produced in America and around the world.
  2. Citizen activist, author and four-time independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader, talks about the scheduled opening this week of The American Museum of Tort Law in his hometown of Winstead, CT, dedicated to the understanding of the U.S. Civil Justice system and the critical role it plays in protecting the health, safety and personal freedoms of all American citizens. Ralph will also comment on the latest developments in the 2016 presidential campaign.
  3. Rena Seinzor, Professor at the University of Maryland School of Law, discusses the U.S. Dept. of Justice decision not to criminally prosecute General Motors executives for their failure to disclose the installation of defective ignition switches into over one million GM vehicles which resulted in the deaths of 124 people.
  4. Matt O’Connor, Communications Coordinator with AFT Connecticut, (the American Federation of Teachers CT,) talks about the recent NLRB recommendation to invalidate the results of a June 19th union election at Danbury and New Milford Hospitals because of unlawful interference with employees’ free choice by managers and outside anti-union consultants hired by the Western Connecticut Health Network (WCHN). He’ll also discuss the larger issue of how federal rules relate to employer anti-union activity — and plans for a new election in New Milford and Danbury.

10 PM: Writer’s Voice: Francesca Rheannon

Marcel Theroux talks about his new novel Strange Bodies. It’s a fantastic multi-genre romp — part sci-fi, part thriller, part disquisition on literary immortality. And then we pivot to the renaissance in radio storytelling. We talk with cartoonist Jessica Abel about her nonfiction book, Out On The Wire: The Storytelling Secrets of the New Masters of Radio.

11 PM: Elijah Malone (fill-in for Sonic Spectrum: Chris Ferrio)

2 AM (Tuesday): Tyler Wenning

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