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The Broadcast Schedule for Monday, January 25, 2016

4th Monday

10 PM (Sunday): Radio Nothing: Rod Richardson

2 AM: Panda Melbourne Madness: Alex Panda with Tyler Wenning & Eddie G. (fill-in for The A List: Sam Hopkins)

6 AM: Alternative Radio: David Barsamian

7 AM: Bensonian Radio: Michael Benson

9 AM: My Other Music: Joseph Celli

12 Noon: In Context: Ken and Marchand MacDermotRoe and Gus Cantavero

Join us for the monthly In Context War Report as we show how Arab history and culture illuminate Mideast politics and warfare. The emergence and spread of Islam, the Crusades, The Ottoman Empire, European colonialism, the creation of Israel and its wars with Arabs, and the U.S. invasions. A major theme is the disunity of the Arabs. Website: www.incontextreport.com. Email: ken@mdrtalk.org.

1 PM: The Jazz Sound: Rick Petrone

4 PM: Kevin Gallagher

6:55 PM: WPKN Local News

7 PM: WPKN Evening Report: National and International News

7:30 PM: CounterSpin: weekly news magazine from Fairness And Accuracy In Reporting

8 PM: Counterpoint: Scott Harris

Featured Guests:

  1. Jake Johnson, research associate with the Center for Economic and Policy Research discusses the major problems of credibility with Haiti’s electoral process, where the presidential election scheduled for January 24 was cancelled due to militant protests in response to widespread allegations of fraud.
  2. David Holtz of the Michigan chapter of the Sierra Club examines the causes and solutions to the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan, where tens of thousands of residents – including thousands of vulnerable children – have been exposed to unsafe levels of lead in their drinking water due to state and federal government’s callous disregard for delivering basic services to the majority poor, black city.
  3. Kieran Suckling, Executive Director, Center for Biological Diversity discusses his group’s presence at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, in opposition to the armed militia’s occupation of the refuge headquarters, and their advocacy of seizing public lands for private profit.
  4. Stacy Malkan, co-director of the group U.S. Right to Know, summarizes her group’s analysis that found the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have contributed millions of dollars to finance a PR campaign out of Cornell University promoting the use of GMOs and pesticides in agriculture.

10 PM: Writer’s Voice: Francesca Rheannon

We talk with Bernie Sanders spokesman Jonathan Tasini about his book, The Essential Bernie Sanders. Then, with all the controversy over Sanders’ single payer health care plan, we talk with the economist whose work that plan is based on, Gerald Friedman. Finally, in a lighter vein, we talk with blockbuster mystery writer Sue Grafton about her latest “and reportedly the last” in her Kinsey Milhone series. It’s called just X.

11 PM: Real Music, Real Talk: Michael Dunham

2 AM (Tuesday): The Techno Takeover: Tyler Wenning

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