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The Broadcast Schedule for Friday, January 23, 2014

4th Friday

11 PM (Thursday): Mark Mushin (fill-in for Mark Muller’s New Music Network)

2 AM: Elijah Malone

6 AM: Democracy Now! Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez

7 AM: Del ‘In Transition’

9 AM: Zanj Radio: Maud Joseph

12 Noon: State of the Arts: Richard Pheneger & Peggy Nelson

1 PM: Music My Mother Wouldn’t Like: Bruce Swan LIVE in the studio with-

special guests the great folk/Americana band, Bobtown and their current album, “A History of Ghosts.” I’ll be chatting with band members about their upcoming tour schedule, future projects, and tonight’s concert at The Buttonwood Tree Theater.

4 PM: Drive Time Salsa: John Rivera

6:55 PM: WPKN Local News

7 PM: Free Speech Radio News:

7:30 PM: Economic Update with Dr. Richard Wolff (debut)

Tonight: “Spinning out of Control.” Economist Richard Wolff comments on Obama’s State of the Union speech, European Central Bank pumps up money supply to stimulate Europe, forgiving Greece’s (just like Germany’s) debts, and U.S. housing extremes. Also, response to questions on global wealth inequality and Switzerland’s currency maneuvers.

8 PM: Ray Terlaga: music, Skies of Bridgeport

10 PM: Bob Chamenko

2 AM (Saturday): Off-Beat!: Rich Kaminsky

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