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White Rose Political Calander

WPKN White Rose Political Calendar – October 12, 2015

Welcome to this week’s edition of the White Rose Political Calendar. The calendar takes its name from the White Rose, a resistance group in Nazi Germany that worked to educate and organize opposition to the horrifying agenda of the Third Reich. In the spirit of the White Rose, WPKN offers its weekly Political Calendar in order to give voice to the struggles for political, social, economic and environmental justice. Here are some of the listings for the week of October 12, 2015.

Combatants for Peace is a group of Palestinians and Israelis who have taken an active part in to fight the cycle of violence in their region. Working at the local level in both communities, Combatants for Peace believes that the conflict cannot be resolved, through military means, by either of the parties. On Wednesday October 14th, IWagePeace founder Bruce Barrett, will host a fundraising event at his Milford home with members of Combatants for Peace from Israel and Palestine: Sulaiman Khatib, Uri Ben Assa, Maya Katz and Mohammad Owedah. More information about this event and about Combatants for Peace is available at iwagepeace.org

Save Our Sound is organizing its annual end of season beach clean-up at many locations throughout Connecticut during this month. More information is available at tinyurl.com/endofseasoncleanup.

Rise Up and Sing: Hope and Change Through Song is a benefit for the group Promoting Enduring Peace. The concert features Annie Patterson and Peter Blood with the Nields, Charlie King, and Sally Rogers. The concert is co-sponsored by Connecticut Folk, and activists and music lovers will have the opportunity to come together Friday, October 16, for an evening of song and fellowship at the Unitarian Society of New Haven, located in Hamden. Further details are available at pepeace.org.

That same website provides information about the annual Gandhi Awards, also sponsored by Promoting Enduring Peace. This year’s awards event takes place on October 30, 7:00 pm, at New Haven’s United Church on the Green. Honorees are peace leaders, Kathy Kelly and Tom B.K. Goldtooth.

On October 24, LunaFest will be held at Yale’s Luce Hall. LUNAFEST is a traveling film festival dedicated to promoting awareness about women’s issues. This unique film festival highlights women as leaders in society, illustrated through nine short films by women filmmakers. The films range from animation to fictional drama, and cover topics such as women’s health, motherhood, body image, aging, cultural diversity and breaking barriers. More information about this traveling festival is at lunafest.org.

The battle to save thousands of trees in Connecticut continues. The state’s utility companies have announced that they will continue to cut trees that have the potential to fall and disrupt electrical service. Their current policy, which is opposed by many community and environmental groups, would fell an entire tree if any part of that tree is within eight feet of a power line. The Garden Club of New Haven has been at the forefront of the battle to empower local residents to protect trees on their properties and in their neighborhoods, and they have extensive resources for education and action available by going to www.gardenclubofnewhaven.org and clicking on the “Trees and Power” link. The Connecticut Fund for the Environment also asks for Connecticut residents to monitor and report tree-trimming activity in their communities by e-mailing jsteinberg@ctenvironment.org.

There is ongoing work by activists to prevent fracking in the state of Connecticut. This battle is also being carried out at the local level, with individual communities banning the practice within their towns, as Washington, Connecticut, has recently done. More information about the national fight against fracking is at foodandwaterwatch.org and in Connecticut, by searching for Food & Water Watch – Connecticut on Facebook.

A source of information about ongoing peace and justice efforts both in Connecticut and throughout the world is the organization Promoting Enduring Peace. Their website is at pepeace.org, and their source to disseminate news about a wide range of issues and actions is at peacenews.org.

To list your group’s local, regional or national events, send announcements, one week in advance when possible, to the White Rose Political Calendar, at valrichardson@wpkn.org. This week’s calendar was produced by Valerie and Rod Richardson.

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