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Terry Hopper

GENRE: Electronica / Funk / Pop / Progressive Rock / Soul / World Music /

Terry Hopper ‐
Welcome along on the Quest! An asymmetrical radio experience where you will hear obscure and well-loved progressive rock and pop, world music, funk and soul, great drumming and electronica, interviews with Terry Hopper’s musical and cultural heroes, medical marijuana news, TV, humor, and anything we haven’t discovered yet. What’s the common thread running through it all? The messages, whether inward looking or cooperative, funny, positive, ironic– It’s psychedelic humanism…

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  • 09-03-2017 AT 2:00 AM
    The Quest
  • 13-06-2017 AT 4:00 PM
    The Quest
  • 27-06-2017 AT 4:00 PM
    The Quest

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