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GENRE: African / Blues / Jazz / Native American / R&B / reggae / Varies /

Mikki –

Each week I play a different genre of music:

  • 1st Saturday – “Blue Roads”, usually but not always the Blues
  • 2nd Saturday – Jazz, with some poetry slipped in from time to time
  • 3rd Saturday – R&B/Soul
  • 4th Saturday – Almost always Reggae/African, and I call the program “Rivers”
  • If there is a 5th Saturday – I always play Native American. I call the program “Sacred Spirits”

During February I play a lot of Black History – all spoken word.

You can write to me at: mikkionpkn@yahoo.com, or

Mikki’s Room
WPKN Radio
244 University Ave
Bridgeport CT  06604-7775

More about Mikki

  • FAVORITE SONG: Can't really say I have a favorite song/artist.
  • FAVORITE THING ABOUT WPKN: That I have the freedom to do what I do.

Upcoming Shows

  • 29-03-2015 AT 12:00 am
    Mikki’s Room
  • 28-03-2015 AT 10:00 pm
    Mikki’s Room

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