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Kyle Starkey

GENRE: Blues / reggae / Rock / Singer songwriter /

Ms. Kyle Starkey ~

Director of Benefits and Concerts
Radio Programmer
Started out as devoted listener and supporter of WPKN 89.5fm… one day I decided to drive to the studio, walked in as said, “I am here to help”; a volunteer I became, and then soon after a board operator for engineering the news! The staff/programmers at WPKN were so kind and welcoming, I felt right at home. After my “internship” as a board operator I eventually earned the status of a programmer, and voting member of WPKN, approved for air at last! It doesn’t stop there… I believed that I could offer my talents and experiences with event/benefit planning by becoming Benefit and Concert Director. With WPKN celebrating its 50th year this year, I am sure I have my work cut out for me. My passion for music and dance has brought me to WPKN… I could have only dreamed of being a part of such a talented, knowledgeable, family of artists. Thanks WPKN for making my dreams come true!   ~ Support community radio, the real alternative… WPKN ~

More about Kyle Starkey

  • FAVORITE ARTIST: Grateful Dead
  • FAVORITE THING ABOUT WPKN: Love networking and being around creative people
  • FAVORITE EPISODE: Christmas 2012

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  • 09-06-2016 AT 4:00 pm
    The Modern Hippy Show

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