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Gregory McAvoy

Gregory McAvoy

GENRE: Public Affairs /

Worked on a farm when I was young, after high school in college; working with vegetables and flowers, in green houses, and out. In college I got interested in cooking, baking. At the off-campus coffee house baking bread and making deserts for the establishment I learned about more than just food. Having had many small gardens (40′ x 40′ was my last one) I have supplied a few health food stores with produce.

Honey Bees: Bee keeping kept me quite busy for ten years of my life. Add in some animal husbandry and I’ve picked up a bit of farm knowledge along the way. Now installing gardens, landscaping, planting dwarf orchards for work, and handling requests to cook for ‘foodie’ friends occupy by time now.

Came to University of Bridgeport as a student with a fellowship, and doing work assistance: ceramics, 101, assistant instructor. I wandered into the WPKN studios in the early 70’s and been volunteering here ever since!

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