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Garnett Ankle

Garnett Ankle

GENRE: Reggae / World Beat /

Garnett Ankle –
Solidarity is equal rights and justice through song and the spoken word. Garnett Ankle plays music to uplift and liberate the depressed and oppressed. It is music to which you may stamp your feet, dance or simply enjoy the lyrics of the song. There is a message in every song he plays. Please listen and be entertained, you may even learn something.

What’s Your Point?
You come for the music and stay for the talk. On What’s Your Point? Garnett gives the listener the opportunity to call in and voice their opinion on issues of the day. It may be something he said to which you disagree, or you may call to vent. Garnett believes you are entitled to your opinion, and have a right to air it even if he disagrees with your point. It is always better to verbally argue your differences than to have a physical fight. In the end, we may agree to disagree and not become disagreeable. Let us strive for tolerance and the rights of everyone.

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